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Today a friend of mine in a forum(a black forum) shared this facebook trick or hack so you can add additional button into your post. So I’m here to share the knowledge that he shared because not everyone is a member of that forum though it’s a popular forum but I want to share anyway and all the credits goes to him. 

Let’s Start

First you have to copy this code :


Copy that into a notepad and find “VISIT%20MY%20BLOG” Change that into anything that you would like to appear in your facebook post.

Copy the edited code and open up a New Tab or a New Window and paste the code into the address bar and press Enter. You should have a page like this :

facebook hack

then write anything that you want and press share. You can have something like this now :

facebook hack
facebook new button

Congrats, you’ve successfully added a new customized button of your own on facebook! :) Have fun. You can even redirect your friends into a troll page or anything funny or scary!


Alleo Indong is a Programmer who develops Software Applications and Web Applications for about 2 Years. He started developing Applications for companies when he's still at the 2nd Year of his College Life. He's now actually a 4th year student and will be holding a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science. Programming was not his only hobby, he also enjoys reading books, watching anime, playing computer games, browsing on facebook and loving his one and only Girlfriend.

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